Dominican Tax ID Card (RNC) and Mercantile Registry for Companies
Dominican Tax ID Card (RNC) and Mercantile Registry for Company
If you are interested in operating or establishing a branch of a foreign company in the Dominican Republic, it is essential to obtain the Mercantile Registry and Dominican Tax ID Card (RNC).

The Mercantile Registry is granted to individuals and companies that are involved in commercial activities in the Dominican Republic. This certification serves to formalize commercial activities and enable the exchange and sharing of information.

The RNC or Dominican Tax ID card is the identification number and classification assigned to taxpayers and its objective is to provide information for the compliance of the Tax Administration requirements.

Legal Fee:

The documents listed below are the documents generally required. It is important to mention these documents may vary according to parent company’s jurisdiction. These documents must be legalized in the Dominican Consulate where the company was incorporated, in order for them to have validity in the Dominican Republic.

  • Copy of Cédula (Dominican ID card) or complete passport (if foreigner) of the applicant;
  • Copy of the company’s Certificate of Incorporation;
  • Copy of company Bylaws and/ or articles of incorporation and its modifications;
  • Copy of the Board of Director’s Resolution authorizing the establishment of a branch in the Dominican Republic; and, 
  • Copy of Resolution that certifies the company’s Directors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do companies opening a branch or operating in the Dominican Republic must pay any type of taxes?

In order to obtain the Mercantile Registry, a pre-established fee has been determined by the Chamber of Commerce and Production, which will vary depending on the company’s authorized capital, fee which is already included in’s total price for this service.

Once the foreign company begins to operate, it will be accountable for paying annual income taxes (25% on income from Dominican source), as well as an annual tax return filing.

2. How long does it take to obtain the Mercantile Registry and the Dominican Tax ID card?
Generally obtaining each certification takes approximately 2 weeks.

3. How long are these certifications valid for?
The Mercantile Registry must be renewed every 2 years and the Dominican Tax ID card is not renewable.